Thursday, August 04, 2011

Maple Leaf ♥ Part 1: The Sounds of Maple Syrup drizzling over Back Bacon

So I just finished watching Ginger Snaps, a raw and edgy Canadian drama/horror film and it always makes me proud to be from the land of natural air conditioning. We Canadians have been pumping out talent for ages and it's time for us to celebrate those who have marked our great country. 

Sounds of Maple Syrup drizzling over Back Bacon

Alanis Morissette

Jagged Little Pill was the first tape I ever owned and it was a birthday gift from my god-parents. It came with a sony sport cassette player, another first. I was young, I believe 10, and hearing the word 'bitch' in a song was simply fascinating. There isn't one song on this album that sucks and I have been a fan since. To all the haters, watch this:

The Guess Who

No, no you don't have to guess who's next, that's the bands name! The Guess Who songs were often played or sung in my house and I still listen to No Time with the same enthusiasm as 20 odd years ago! Have no fear, and search this band out on youtube (if you don't already know who they are!)

Céline Dion

This international award-winning singer couldn't go unnoticed in this celebration to Canadians. She litterally put Quebec on the map when she was introduced to an American audience in the early 1990's. Since then she has become a musical emblem of sorts and has established herself in Las Vegas, where she reigns over the Sunset Strip. To me, THIS is how I will forever remember her:

Ya heard? TAKE A KAYAK!

Justin Bieber

Ugh, I cringed when I wrote this. Go Canada...Go...

The Tragically Hip

What is really sad about the relationship between me and this band was that it only develloped five or six years ago when I actually broaden my musical horizons. That's when I discovered 38 years old, The Hundredth meridian, and Blow at high dough!

Neil Young

Oh another late discovery for me. Thanks to my friend Yasmina, I was blessed with the sounds of a very talented singer. He's comparable to and, if I can say so myself, slightly better than Johnny Cash. I'm sure you heard his songs in the early morning of your childhood when Ma and Pa we're crooning out his tunes!

Shania Twain

As much as Céline Dion defined the Pop genre in the 90's, Shania shook things up herself in the western world of Country. After dominating the charts in Nashville, she succesfully crossed over to Pop for a few years at which point she decided to focus on her family and move to Europe. And we all know how THAT ended up.


Yes I know, he just started his career, but so did Bieber. And Drake outperforms Bieber tenfolds. And who can't admire his rise to fame story. Check out his songs "Over" and "Best I Ever Had". Hopefully his sophomore album will be just as good as his first.

Jully Black

I first heard Jully's chill-inducing voice in second year of high school. My friend (caro) was really into the rap/hip-hop scene and she loved herself some babyblue soundcrew. Their hit song that played on the radio featured Jully Black. She has gone on to release several solo albums and her hits include "Sweat of your brow", "Between me and you" (feat. saukrates), and "Seven Day Fool". Here's a tune from back in the days!

Bryan Adams

Is it just me or is Bryan Adams kinda like the black sheep in the family? Yeah, we like a couple of songs, but we wouldn't buy the album. Right? Or is that really just me?

Joni Mitchell

The Canadian Janis Joplin. For realz, I used to mix those two up all the time! Yes, she is the one who originated Big Yellow Taxi. In the trend of remaking, Robert Downey Jr. covered River, another amazing Mitchell Song. But the one that really stands out is Carey, inspired by a trip to Greece. That woman can sing!

Other Notable Canadian Singers (but not all)

Sarah McLachlan - Re-hashed her first album over and over again until it became annoying. Also created Lilith Fair.
Paul Anka - Teen idol from the 50's who managed to steady out an okay career.
k.d. lang - Yes, that's all in small caps. *rolls eyes*
Anne Murray - I don't know, I hear her name every two to three Canada Day Celebrations.
Leonard Cohen - When I was younger, I always mixed him up with Leonard Nemoy. By younger, I mean up until 4 years ago.
Avril Lavigne - She wore ties and was a rebel...

Anyone I left out?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink


  1. Oh, Kevin! What about Rush? One of the greatest Canadian bands of all time! And Bryan Adams freaking rules. I had the tape of Waking Up the Neighbours and knew every word! Still do! And aren't you a big Fefe Dobson fan? No love?

  2. aha I knew I forgot people!! :S But that inspired me for a bonus part!!


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