Sunday, August 07, 2011

Jesus Murphy: Blog Story (29)

- Chapter 29 -

When the doors to the abandonned mill opened, the scenary was not what was expected. The Sicarii were standing behind the gate, lined side by side. The Adephi were nowhere to be seen and only Anna Simeon stood in the unkept courtyard, long strands of grass blowing in the wind around her.

Madonna stepped outside and Michael followed, ordering the remaining Agents to stay behind and secure Jesus in case this was a trap. The sun blinded both of them for a split second and when their eyes fully adapted to the bright outdoors, they came face to face with their nemesis.

"You still believe you can control this so called prophecy, can't you, sister?" Anna said, shielding the sun from her eyes with her left hand. Her right hand holding what looks like a scroll.

"It's not about control, Anna. It's about letting time do it's thing. It isn't to late to reconsider where you stand." Madonna pleaded, knowing full well that she had lost her sister to the dark lies of the Fallen One.

"That boy you are hiding has got to die, no matter what. Why not send him off now rather then later? What's in it for you, Madonna? Not ready to part with this world?"

Jesus wanted so badly to go out there and defend himself but the hundred or so Agents around him would quickly subdue him.

"It has nothing to do with me. The balance of the Birthplace depends on these Shadowlands. We can't mess around with that, Anna. Come to your senses." Madonna shot back, extending her arm to stop Michael from lashing out at Anna.

"I am fully aware of the Birthplace and the reign they hold over us. Don't you think it's time we seal everything up and fight the real battle? Why do we keep waiting for faith to deliver our freedom when we can rip it out from under it's nose?"

"If you kill Jesus now, this Shadowland will be wasted and it'll be another victory for the Fallen One. What has he promised you?"

"Why do you deny your origins, Madonna? We don't belong in the shadows, we deserve the light, the glory. We destroy this place and we can conquer all of them. He promised me freedom and power, something our Father could never do."

Madonna looked back at the Agents who were eager to stop this war and let the natural course of things unfold. She knew their could be no more negotiations. It was time to act.

"You sealed your fate, Anna. I will not go down without a fight." She placed the tips of her fingers to her temple and suddenly a purple wave of light shot around her, knocking the Sicarii and Anna to the ground.

That was the signal Jesus had been waiting for. It was time to heal.

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