Tuesday, August 09, 2011

London Bridge is Falling Down

If you have been watching the news or you are a friend on facebook, you must have heard about the insane rioting that is currently going on in the streets of England.

Tottenham - August 6 2011

Suspected drug dealer Mark Duggan was shot and killed by police officers earlier in the month. On August 6th, a peaceful protest was held to remember the man and also to denounce Police Brutality. What happened next was, to put it simply, unexpected.

Looters and low-life assholes took to the street and began trashing and looting the stores. People set cars ablaze and began attacking police officers who were trying to calm the crowd.

It is still unsure WHAT exactly disturbed the folks and incited them to rebel in the streets but videos and one-day-sites seem to be putting the blame on the beating of a 16 year old girl who was riotting.

Seriously, doesn't matter who you are or what age you are, if you can handle a baton and trash someone else's property, you should be detained. Period. Looking at videos of what is happening will litterally leave you restless and powerless. People act nowadays with selfish reasoning. They vandalize and steal on the pretence that they are poor and that the rich have taken it from them.

Get a fucking job.

They trash property and litterally terrorize neighbourhoods to denounce police brutality. Is there anything more Ironic then fighting violence with violence? In Russia, 1 in 27 rioters will get their skull fractured. I am by no means condoning any act of violence, but if someone can willingly grab an object and use it as a weapon, they should be treated like a criminal. Why riot police just stand back is beyond me. That is not controlling the crowd, that is letting the crowd control itself. "Let's wait for it to calm down" they say. It's been 3 long nights for the people of London and neighbouring towns. Say that to them!

Say that to the most of the world, who still view England as the reigning country of Europe. I'm just beside myself at the animalistic behaviour of a so-called civilized people. I hope that something will be done quickly to ensure the safety of the people and also send a message out there that violence solves nothing.

If you want to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, here it is for all of us to witness.

What is this world coming to?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink


  1. I agree that all violence should be condoned, against property and people alike. Loads of innocent people are being injured or forced to stay in their homes. And loads of people are losing their businesses. It's really horrible.

    I just disagree with your comment 'get a fucking job'. I think that these riots are rooted somewhere deeper than simply greedy people who want to loot. There is a generation here of people who have no job, no education, no training... no hope! The unemployment rate in England, especially for youth, is extremely high. I lived it myself ... finding a job (even in retail) is hard, and I have a masters. 1 in 4 youth under 25 are unemployed, one of the highest percentage in Europe! Although I really don't think the rioters were protesting unemployment or any other social issue (they are just looting), I really do believe their actions reflect an underlining bigger social problem here. People generally don't act like this is they have something to lose (their reputation, family, job, etc).

    .... in the hopes that these riots don't spread to my neck of the woods!!

    Hope all is well with you Kev :)

  2. Totally agree with you, Sarah. But let's be honest, the people who are actually looking for jobs and are educated are NOT the people who are claiming social injustice and at the same time are rioting/looting in London.

    The initial protest turned into a "mobrob" and people wanted to join in on the quick grabs. By no means am I implying that the unemployed are to blame. But the people who rioted do fall into a category which is "Instead of doing something for me, I'll just take from others". That is how I see it and dear lord, I sure hope nothing comes your way cause those vids are scary!!

    Sent you a message on Fbook :) :)

  3. Completely agree, I don't think that the people looting are doing it because they believe in social equality and are protesting injustices. They are just looting for the hell of it, and ruining lots of lives in the meantime. But as I said, I think that the action of looting probably has underlining social factors, such as unemployment and the fact that there are very few opportunities for youth in England ... which means that they probably feel like they don't have a good future so, what the hell, let's steal!! I just hope it stops soon. A friend of mine saw some teen gangs walking around downtown yesterday around 5pm, just looking for trouble. The area was heavily policed. They didn't start anything but I bet that if just one person would have thrown a rock at a store, all hell would have broke lose.


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