Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jesus Murphy: Blog Story (28)

The Final Chapters
- Chapter 28 -
Choosing Sides

Jesus and Madonna were walking along the hallway about to join the remaining Agents by the main exit. Jesus underestimated his mentor's abilities and soon his mind was overpowered by hers and she had infiltrated herself deep into his memories, tracing back to his conversation with Malcom.

"I knew he came to visit you!" Madonna spat out.

All the Agents turned to face them and Jesus' cheeks turned beet red.

"You violated my mind. You broke the code." Jesus said calmly, remembering just how powerful Madonna was and what she could do if she was tempted.

"You violated my trust, Jesus. We are suppose to work togheter. What did he tell you?"

Jesus could feel the cold eyes that rested upon him. Hundreds of faces turned towards he and Madonna.

"He told me to find myself and then end this." Jesus answered relunctantly, knowing fully well that he had dissapointed his uncle, or to the least, his uncle's doppelganger.

"We can't save this place if you are wavering in your allegiance, Jesus. You have to choose a side. You work with us to save your world or you work with everyone else and destroy it." Madonna looked around the room, in an obvious attempt at gaining sympathy. She rested her gentle eyes upon Jesus and smiled. "You know in your heart what needs to be done. Just follow it."

Jesus sheltered himself in his mind for a few seconds, question of gathering his thoughts togheter. Some part of him told him to follow his gut and face the Adephi. Another part of him wanted to explore the Shadowlands and try to reconnect the energy that binded the Chosen Ones; maybe find a way to close the Shadowlands once and for all. Its what was expected of him anyhow, why wait for the "right moment"?

But then he looked around around the room, particularly at the faces that looked at him with hope. Their eyes were lit with life, he couldn't deny them that.

"I'm going to fight with you. Because we all have the right to live."

The room erupted in cheers and the Agents began a rythmic pounding with their staffs. Madonna walked to the front of the crowd and ordered the doors opened.

"This is it. May The Almighty Source watch over all of your souls."

At those last words the doors to the outside opened and the sun blinded them all.

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