Monday, July 11, 2011

Jesus Murphy: Blog Story (26)

The Final Chapters
- Chapter 26 -
The Plan

When Jesus joined Madonna in the makeshift operation's room he was greeted by hundreds of Agents. Standing in the middle of the crowd was his uncle Michael and Madonna. While he remained stiff, Madonna smiled when Jesus walked in. She gestured for him to join them.

Jesus felt uncomfortable being gawked at by hundreds of people he had never met. He saluted to some while others insisted on shaking his hand. Every single one of them looked at him with admiration.
The chosen one finally joined Madonna and Michael in the middle of the room. The crowd became silent as Michael cleared his throat.

"We are the last stand. The Sicarii want to annihalate the chosen one while the Sacred Angels, the Adephi as they insist to be called, want to fast forward the prophecy. We know the outcome of that."

Michael, in all his stature, stepped aside to let Madonna speak. She was as elegant and poised as ever, glowing in a purple silk dress and a light orange belt that matched Michael's loose shirt.

"As some of you may know, I have seen the other places, travelled between the Shadowlands. What the Adephi have done is terrible for the balance. It is unatural and they are deaf to our concerns. We have to take action now if we are to ever save the Birthplace and the Shadowlands. We have a right to exist!"

These last words were greeted with a chorus of yells and hoots. The crowd erupted in cheers and it took several minutes for them to calm down. Jesus could only witness the power she had over her people and admire her strenght and nobility. He knew he had to mimic her ability to soothe and comfort people.

"We will not wait for the Sicarii and the Adephi to knock on our doors. We are all going to go out there and proclaim our right to live.

"We will split up once outside. Agents, you will protect Jesus at all costs as he heals the Sicarii of their burden. Once achieved we will only have to focus on the big players. The Boss and I will take care of Anna Simeon."

Madonna looked at Jesus. Where once she looked at him with concern, she now regarded him as an equal. She smiled.

"You are the only one left who could reason with the Adephi. Use what you know to reason with them."

Jesus lowered his voice to a whisper. "I have no clue where to begin"

"Stop wavering in your confidence, Jesus. Show them your soul, the deepest part of your conscience. Show them how alive you are."

Jesus nodded and realised some Agents were staring. He straightened his jacket and stepped back. Madonna resumed.

"If everything goes to plan we may be able to stop this conflict once and for all and live in peace. No harm shall come to those who await us on the outside. Let Jesus care for them. Now get ready, we're leaving in two minutes."

The crowd cheered and howled as they slowly formed a line and began to leave the room. Jesus really wanted a word with Madonna before entering into battle but he couldn't see her. When he finally spotted the gifted Agent in the crowd, he found his way to her and tugged on her dress.

"Madonna, wait, can I have a word."

She didn't look back. "We're done talking, Jesus. It's time to act."

He lost her once again in the crowd and looked down at his glowing palms. It was now or nothing, he told himself. It's time to save the world.

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