Monday, July 04, 2011

Evidence #TOK20110809

"There's no image" A girl's voice said.

"You have to plug in the wire, Tsakyu!" Another girl was heard saying.

"There, I think I have it."

The black screen suddenly became alive with vivid details. The image was shaky at best and barely remained focus on one thing long enough to determine where the location was. The girl that held the camera turned it towards her and spoke softly to the lens.

"My name is Tsakyu Osaki and this is day two since the dead began to walk. We lost several of our friends along the way but we managed to find shelter in an abandonned house. We are trying to find -"

The sound was suddenly cut off and the girl began to slap the camera around and then her voice was heard again.

" - stupid American junk. Where did you find this?" The girl asked keeping the camera on her face.

"Just keep recording" her friend answered, her voice barely audible.

"Right, as if anyone will ever find this, Maksyu." She rolled her eyes. "Maksyu believes her father has answers to whatever is happening in Tokyo -"

"He has answers. He told me", Maksyu said in the background.

"Ok, and what do you...what was that?"

The camera didn't capt any sounds but something had terrified the girls. Tsakyu pointed the camera towards the door and on the left, Maksyu could be seen walking backwards with a large metal bat in her hands.

"Maksyu i'm - AHHH"

The wooden door flew open and Tsakyu dropped the camera to the ground. The image went black but snarling sounds and screams could be heard until the sound finally gave as well.

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