Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Halfway Mark: 2011 and a Half

So more then half the year has already passed and a lot has happened already. Every section of the newspaper was buzzing this year. Here's a look back at key moments from the first half of 2011.

1. Nicki Minaj wins me over

File:Nicki Minaj cropped.jpgIf you read my earlier post Music Fave and Fails from 2010, you most likely noticed I had placed Nicki on top of the fail list. Something about her just bothered me the wrong way. They way she raps is kind of odd and her personality is clashing, often making me doubt her authenticity. But then, of course, there had to be a song to prove the contrary. I'm talking about Where Them Girls At , a collaboration with Flo Rida and David Guetta. I actually find her part the best...and so I decided to replace odd with quirky and give her a shot from here on out. Her past songs still suck.

2. Massive Earthquake shakes Japan

File:Shinchi Sta 20110404.jpg
It's weird to think that this devastating tragedy only occured 6 months ago. I had followed the events closely and the aftermaths caused by the 8.9 magnitude quake that litterally erased parts of Japan off the map. The number of casualties has been confirmed at 15, 628. The earthquake caused a massive Tsunami the obliterated the farmlands and further increased the damages. The consequences of this earthquake came later when the country was threatened with a possible nuclear meltdown. It is the largest earthquake to hit Japan and one the five most powerfule earthquakes in the world.

3. Riot erupts after Canucks lose the Stanley Cup

File:Smoke Over Vancouver.jpg
The Canucks had been the favoured team, the likely victors of the playoffs. But after a dissapointing 4-0 loss to the Bruins, the Canucks fans that had gathered in the streets erupted into a violent rampage through the streets of downtown Vancouver. Four people were stabbed and several cars were turned upside down and lit on fire. Nine police officers were injured during the riot as they tried to calm the angry - and obviously drunk - crowd. You have to be drunk - and obviously angry - to want to destroy your own downtown core. Come on, people; Canadians are nice, happy people. So stop acting like a fucking fool!

4. The Last of Harry Potter

File:Deathly-hallows-p2-1.jpgAs much as I was dreading the arrival of the second installment of the Deathly Hallows, I was also welcoming the film adaptation of the final hours that lead up to terrifying confrontation between Voldermort and Harry. I have yet to seen part II because part of me doesn't want this world to close. Although we have Pottermore to look forward too, the visual aspect of the Potterverse is gone. Sadness. I wish I could force J.K. Rowling to write for ever and ever. Yes, that would be great. Or a spin-off! Yes, a spin-off would be enjoyable as well...

5. Stephen Harper wins a majority government

(see picture)
File:FML Logo.svg

With that being said, the next half cannot be worst. What next? I'll like cooked mushrooms and sour cream? I think not!

Candles are out,
Eleven's ink

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