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Woofs and Meows: Top 6 Fuzzy Animal Movies

This surely comes at no surprise that I am an avid movie watcher. I love everything from drama to sci-fi and without forgetting horror. But once upon a time, a wee-child version of me admired movies with animals in it. And not The Island of Dr. Moreau, thank you very much.

So it is with nostalgia that I present to y'all my list of Top 6 Animal Movies. Woof woof! I mean here is:

6. Andre

Director: George Miller (Witches of Eastwick, Lorenzo's Oil)
Starring: Tina Majorino, Joshua Jackson, Keith Carradine
About the Movie: Just reading up about the movie brings back great memories. Andre is based on a true story about a family who adopt a sea lion and a bond soon forms between animal and youngest child, played by Tina Majorino. Of course, their are nasty fishermens who hate Andre because he drives the fishes away and is constantly wreaking havoc. This all leads to an over-the-top sappy ending with clips of the real Andre shown in the credits. But seriously, who doesn't like a movie about an animal causing trouble for adults? Plenty of those to come in this list!
Animal Cast: Torey plays Andre the sea lion. Kalika and PJ came on set from time to time to replace Torey. You know, good times.

5. The Never-Ending Story

Director: Wolfgang Petersen (The Perfect Storm, Poseidon)
Starring: Noah Hathaway, Barret Oliver, Tami Stronach
About the Movie: So this one technically doesn't fall into the "Animal Movie" category but when I was younger, I was convinced Falkor was a giant dog, not a luckdragon. And Atreyu (Hathaway) rides a horse. That's enough for me. Anyhow, the story centres around a bullied kid named Bastien (Oliver) who escapes his pain through the story of another young hero, Atreyu. The young warrior must stop The Nothing and the evil wolf Gmork from invading Fantasia and destroying the Childlike Empress. (Ok I offically want to watch the movie tonight like ASAP). Along the way, he encounters off-beat characters and is helped by his horse, Artax, and the talking dragon Falkor. Memory Lane was built for THIS.
Animal Cast: Alan Oppenheimer voices both Gmork, an evil wolf summoned by The Nothing to destroy the warrior Atreyu, and Falkor. Artax is a non-speaking horse in the movie adaptation.

4. Benji the Hunted

Director: Joe Camp (Benji Films)
Starring: Red Steagall, Nancy Francis
About the Movie: This one was a classic in our house. This is the fourth sequel in the Benji Series and the last one made before they rebooted the franchise in the early 2000's. Benji, the loveable mutt who has a knack of solving crimes, is left behind in the forest and must fight off wild animals while trying to reunite cougar cubs with their mother. Yes, prepare a box of kleenex.
Animal Cast: Higgins portrayed the first Benji while his daughter, Benjean (named after the success of the first movie) took over the role of Benji for the remaining sequels, excluding the 2004 reboot: Benji: Off the Leash.

3. Homeward Bound

Director: Duwayne Dunham (Little Giants, Halloweentown)
Starring: Michael J. Fox, Sally Field, Don Ameche (voices)
About the Movie: After being left at a Ranch while the family celebrates a wedding, three loveable animals embark on an adventure of a lifetime to find their masters and go back home. I was in love with this movie as a child. The cat always made me laugh especially the river scene! There are, of course, scenes involving fights with wild animals and the ever-mandatory "we stick togheter whether we are cat or dog". Some people would benefit from this underlying message.
Animal Cast: Ratler as Chance, an American Bulldog (Fox); Ben as Shadow, a Golden Retriever (Ameche); Tiki as Sassy, a Himalayan Cat (Field)

2. Stuart Little

Director: Ron Minkoff
Starring: Hugh Laurie, Geena Davis, Jonathan Lipnicki
About the Movie: This is the only CGI animal-movie in the list. The only reason I included it is, well, the main hero is a mouse. Computer-animated but still an animal. The story starts off with the Little family adopting a mouse named Stuart from an ordinary human orphanage. Thing is they have a cat. Cat vs. Mouse comedy ensues. Oh and doesn't matter how little you are, you can achieve anything!
Animal Cast: Michael J. Fox voices the little creature!!

1. Dr. Doolitle

Director: Betty Thomas
Starring: Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres
About the Movie: Doctor Dad is way too preoccupied with work and not interested enough in his family. Well, when a childhood "talent" resurfaces years later, Doctor Doolittle is forced to question his responsabilities and priorities. Oh, and who didn't like Eddie Murphy as a child? Oh the Tiger!! This is defo a movie for all ages and should be disregarded by no one. I am watching you!!!
Animal Cast: All-Star cast of voices ranging from Oliver Platt to Ellen Degeneres

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  1. OMG - when the horse sinks into the ground in the Neverending Story - it's like the saddest thing ever. I still can't watch it without crying!


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