Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Special: What Kind of Costume is That??

It's the same thing every year. One person will have the weirdest costume that has you gasping : "What kind of costume is that?" Here is a few examples of costumes an adult should NOT wear to a halloween party.

5. The Sl*t
Some women feel the need to flaunt it on halloween. They don't normally wear skimpy outfits or thigh-high boots but something primal within them awakes and is set free through the "slutty whatever" costume. This includes such hits as: "The slutty cop", "The slutty nurse", "The slutty vampire", and sometimes children stuff turned into perverted adult costumes. Sure, it's fun to look at. But costumes like that should be reserved for the bedroom, not the great room.

4. The Mask
No, I'm not talking about a mask that you put on and it gives you comical powers and a costume. That would be too easy. I'm talking about the guy who's drunk in an hour and showed up wearing only a mask. Regular clothes, shabby look, and a mask. This isn't a masquerade ball, it's a legit halloween party. What truly sucks, is finding out at 2 in the morning that the guy in the mask is not even someone you know.

3. The Victim
Situation: friend arrives inside halloween-themed house with a trickle of blood from their mouth or a simple scar somewhere. No costume. Not even a mask! "What are you suppose to be?" You would ask. The friend sighs and with an air of "this costume rocks", he answers "Dude, I got attacked on my way here. Clever huh!!" Um. no. Go back home and find something. Or else you WILL be attacked for real.

2. The Infant
A part from the number one costume doozy, THIS one is by far the worst. We all have a friend who dressed up as a baby throughout high school...and then continues through adulthood. Seriously, a baby costume? You're 5 foot 6 with a smoke and a beer in your hands. Not the best look...for anyone.

1. The Party-Pooper
This one might as well stay home. No costume. No mask. Nothing! Safe the curled up lip and poutty attitude. Shows up, sits down, steals alcohol. Oh wait, that is a costume. Homer Simpson.

That last image was too funny. Had to use it.

Candles are out,¸
Eleven's Ink

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