Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Special: Inside the Madhouse

The town knows about it. The folk fear it and the animals won't go near it. To the residents, it is known as The Madhouse. Several young adults braved the night and attempted to gain access to the house.

Several weeks later upon searching the deserted country home, a camera was found. These were the photos taken that night.

I have to chime in that this is NOT a bong. It's crystal skull vodka. :)

These are the suspects. Dr. Nielsang and his associate Nurse Liane Lablood

Pumpkin created by Liane Lablood

Bodies were found scattered around the house and yard. The suspects remain at large.


To add a bit of interaction, we used "un-needled" syringes to give sangria, vodka, or spiked fruit punch shots. It was very popular, as you might have guessed. We found some nifty "blood bags" at the dollar store and it was edible. Veeeery sweet but edible nonetheless. Also found at the dollar store was gummy facial parts - ears, eyes, lips, etc... - that we put in the punch and sangria. Throw in a bit (sic) of decorations and you've got yourself a creepy horror house. It was great. And score, barely no hangover. Halloween FTW!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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