Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Special: Destroy the Brain!!

Shocker! I love Zombies!

My friends always ask me why I love zombies so much and I never know what to answer. There is so much to love about the walking dead, that I wouldn't even know where to begin. I have to start off by saying that my interest for zombies began after I watch the 1990's version of Night of the Living Dead, which was an awesome remake by Romero protégé Tom Savini (who btw, worked on the originals before being at the helm of the NotLD remake.)

yes I have a popcorn wall.
The movie starts off with a brother and sister visiting their mom's grave in some hick town. They are attacked by the living dead and we slowly see the transformation of Barbara, going from the shy, almost naive sister to the full blown zombie warrior (you know she becomes a warrior when she loses the eyeglasses, of course) The end, when humans chase zombies around, hang them up in trees to swat them, have cockfights between zombies and the final line spoken by Barbara : "We're them... They're us and we're them" still gives me chills to this day. It basically tells humanity: No matter what, you will never learn. You will always go back to  your old ways. A lot of undertones and metaphors can be found in zombie tales.

There is a lot of haters though. But I don't blame them, there has been a lot of "stupid survivors" zombie movies. You know, where the girl goes out and fucks the plan up to save...a dog she found. Zombies were terrifying as hell. Survivors were dumb as fuck.

With all of that being said, here is some ways you can get your zombie dose!


Dawn of the Dead (1978) - Simply the best!
28 Days Later - The ending is repulsive. Nobody should be subjected to that!
Shaun of the Dead - It's a comedy but one with brains. lol
Night of the Living Dead (1968 or 1990) - Two versions!! YAY!
Re-Animator - Although not end-of-the-worldy, it's still terrifying.
Rec (Quarantine) - both versions are creepy. It's freakin' zombies.
Diary of the Dead - Hand-held cameras. 'nuff said.
Planet Terror - Rose McGowan with a grenade launcher for a leg. 'nuff said.


The Walking dead - Okay so it's the only television show in which the main plotline revolves around zombies. But it masters if perfectly. It differs from the book a lot, but that's what they wanted: a tv show, not a comic book on screen. The acting if flawless, especially Laurie Holden as survivor Andrea. It also focuses more on the survivors' struggle with reality then on the actual zombies. But they're there. And they're hungry. With the season 2 premiere breaking rating records for AMC, it's plain to see this show ain't going nowhere anytime soon!

World War Z - An oral history of the war against the living dead. Chilling and addictive. Soon to be made into a motion picture.
The Zombie Survival Guide - A funny self-defense book that helps even the dumbest of us survive an invasion.
Monster Island -  A rare story in which we get to see some of the action through a zombie's eyes. It's actually quite good and I'm hoping to see this be made into a movie.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - I had to get my hands on this book that adds a zombie twist to an old classic. It made me read a classic. You see, zombies aren't that bad!

Zombies...they can eat you, but nobody can say they (h)ate them.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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