Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Special: Gore Galore

**WARNING: contains graphic images that may not be suitable for a younger audience. But it's Halloween, so man up!

Horror flicks use to focus on the dark to generate scares. It would use lighting to trick the eye and nightscapes to keep us guessing. Nowadays, films use the cheap tricks - gore - to make us cringe and look away. Here are some of the more recent gore films that definitely don't shy away from the blood and guts.

Hostel franchise

This movie brought the "torture porn" genre to the mainstream. Although the first one is slightly more tamed in that sense then its disgusting and repulsive sequel. Still, Hostel manages to make you question the motive of man, and how primal some of us are. It litterally made me wary of travelling the globe and opened my eyes to "kid thieves", a growing social problem in Eastern Europe. The second installment is just wrong on so many levels. I was unable to watch until the end, it was that vile. If you are into the whole gratuitous bloodletting, then Hostel is for you.

Makes the dentist seem less scary.

Some hostels DO NOT guarantee a good nights stay!

She's thinking she maybe should have went to the Ritz-Carleton
I take back what I said about the dentist...

Saw franchise

Without question, the most recognized gore series ever made. Saw swims in blood, feasts on guts, and thrives for more and more. In the beginning, the victim had the opportunity to save himself or herself but had to pay a price for life. Live or die, make your choice. But then Amanda took over, revoked the actual "YAY I get to live" aspect and it just got stupid and really, it just capitalized on the gore. I would say watch the first three. Then stop.
I would let myself die

I would let myself die
I would let myself die

I think you get the picture. I'd rather not even try!

Halloween II (remake)

Rob Zombie's Halloween was actually not that bad. It was not at all comparable to the original with Jamie Lee Curtis, but it stood up by itself. It was okay. Then news broke that there would be a sequel, given the succes of the first flick. Skeptical! The movie was bloody awful. Soundtrack kicks ass (mainly because of Nights in White Satin and Love Hurts) but everything else was blood blood blood, pointless pointless pointless. At one point in the film, I believe he stabs the same nurse over fifteen times. Seriously? She's dead, move on.

I remember when Michael Myers' only goal was to kill the last remaining member of his family, Laurie Strode (which again, was played brilliantly by Jamie Lee Curtis over a span of 4 films and just over twenty years). Sure, he would kill innocent people, but only because they stood in his way. He was methodic, calculated, sharp, and precise. In the remake, he kills two or three people at a party that Laurie isn't even attending. I don't know, the movie really felt like a "try-and-kill-em-all-in-different-ways" type of viewing; a viewing I don't enjoy at all.  

It looks like a crow mask o_O
Is that a maid costume? Cause that floor looks dirty

This is what fucked the movie. Really? Snowglobe people? Really?

It IS a maid costume!!

I won't go into the 80's gore 'cause that shit's gross.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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