Friday, March 23, 2012

Top Ten Coolest Jobs!

Last week I asked my friends on Facebook for suggestions for a top ten list and they came through! Suggested by Julie, I will share with you the ten jobs I would love to be paid for! I was soooo suppose to post this yesterday. But I had an awesome BBQ at my folks' place and couldn't resist the beer and the fun! Double Posts Today!! 

10. Pyrotechnician
What they do: Set off fireworks!
Why it's cool: Um, because they set off fireworks! They basically have front row tickets to the show.

9. Videogame Tester
What they do: Test videogames!
Why it's cool: You sit down, play exclusive games that may not even see the public eye, judge it, AND get paid for it. It's like the laziest job evaaa!

8. Ice Cream Developer
What they do: Create ice cream flavours!
Why it's cool: It's like a kid fantasy come true. You work in a lab of sorts and mix ingredients you love into another ingredient you love - ice cream. Yumm-o!

7. Train Pusher
What they do: Push people into subway trains...As in squeezing as many people in as possible.
Why it's cool: It's no so much cool as it is weird. Just watch the video, it's like something out of a sci-fi movie. lol

6. International Spy
What they do: Creep around the world!
Why it's cool: You get to travel around the world, all expenses paid and be part of some secret missions that only a select few know about. Basically, you're James fucking Bond.

5. Beer Brewer
What they do: Create awesome flavours of Beer!
Why it's cool: Many reasons: First, you get to invent your own fucking beer - And then drink it. It's such an art when you watch the Brewers in action. Love it!

4. Ambassador
What they do: Reprezent!!
Why it's cool: Well, you get to work "in your country" yet be abroad. You speak your language and get to see really fucked up things. Your life can and will be in danger. I'm sure its not as exciting. But I see it that way. :)

3. International Singer
What they do: Party all over the world!
Why it's cool: You get to have millions of people throw themselves at you, you get paid to party and advertise really fucking cool companies. I mean, the only downside is having temptations around you.

2. Rollercoaster Ride Tester
What they do: Test Rollecoasters!
Why it's cool: Once again you get paid to have fun! People are hired by theme parks around the world to test the level of fun of their rides, and sometimes to check safety features. The thrill! The excitement!

1. Author/Screenwriter
What they do: Writes!
Why it's cool: I'm biased because this is my dream. Having millions of people wanting more of your imagination is just mind boggling. You escape your reality and get paid for it. I swear this list is all about doing nothing for cash.


What job has you drooling? I'm not very ambitious, am I?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink


  1. Dude - Travel Guide writer. You travel to different countries and get paid to find out what's awesome about it. Where's the coolest place to hang out? The best hotel? The best food? Greatest. Job. Ever.

  2. I wanted to include "Honeymoon Destination Tester" to it, which is similar but the Train Pushers seemed so much cooler. LMAO


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