Tuesday, March 06, 2012


So I'm trying to find ways to blog more often and thought the themed month would inspire me to write more but it didn't; I'm actually having trouble finding a theme I want to dissect for roughly 30 days. I focus too much on the lenght of the blog which can tear me down after work. I would like to experiment with lighter posts to balance out the heavy Top Tens and Stories.


Starting now, I'll have themed days, which is far more easier to commit to!

Here's what you can expect in the future:
  • Movie Review Monday
  • W/E Wednesday
  • Top Ten Thursday
  • Feelgood Friday
  • Sleepy Sunday

Tuesdays will be reserved for blog stories - Catch up on Friday the 13th, The Infected, and its spin-off, The Infected:What Happened to David Price.

Let the changes begin!!  ;)

Candles are out,

Eleven's Ink

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