Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wiki Wiki What: One Year Anniversary

December 26th 2010 - I posted my first blog post on here entitled What's To Come? 183 posts, 3 blog stories, a bundle of top ten lists, and multiple rants later, it's time to celebrate the first anniversary of my little baby Wiki Wiki What!!


Total pageviews : 8,771 and counting
Most Popular Month : November 2011 - 1,391 pageviews
Least Popular Month : December 2010 - 51 pageviews

Top ten posts

Who is Pittacus Lore? - 852 pageviews
Earthquake Hits Japan - 355 pageviews
SCRE4M Review - 230 pageviews
I ♥ Denmark - 131 pageviews

Click on the title to the read the blog post!!

Top ten referring websites - 1,694 clicks - 455 clicks - 399 clicks - 312 clicks - 259 clicks - 187 clicks - 157 clicks - 128 clicks - 116 clicks - 38 clicks

Top ten search keywords (and they are quite funny)

Pittacus lore wiki - 309
Mara Wilson - 109
Hostel - 108
Mara wilson now - 87
Pittacus lore wikipedia - 78
Tiger blood wiki - 48
Mara elizabeth wilson all grown up - 29
People of interest tv show - 27
mara wilson grown up - 25
the other side of the island - 22
Hmmm... why do I get this feeling Mara Wilson is extremely popular? And Go Allegra Goodman Go! Her book rounds out the top ten!!
Top ten pageviews by Country

United States - 3,194 pageviews
Canada - 1,411 pageviews
United Kingdom - 703 pageviews
India - 371 pageviews
Germany - 343 pageviews
Australia - 240 pageviews
Russia - 163 pageviews
Netherlands - 155 pageviews
Denmark - 101 pageviews
Philippines - 76 pageviews
Blog Story Stats

Jesus Murphy (Including specials) - 416 pageviews
Friday the 13th (Including alternate ending) - 274 pageviews
The Infected (Unfinished) - 216 pageviews and counting

Click on the title to read all of the chapters!!

I have to say that I have been having a lot of fun with this blog and can't wait to bring it to another level. I have been a bit distant this month from Wiki Wiki What, safe Tuesdays when I post a new chapter of The Infected: Blog Story.

Wiki Wiki What will change in the new year with every month having a specific theme to it, which I find helps me post more. You know, I am getting old, creative ideas aren't flowing as easily as before. :)

And seriously, who doesn't love themes?

I wish my little blog a happy first anniversary and hopefully many more to come afterwards. Thanks to everyone who is reading, I wish in the new year you will post more comments, whether it be advice for my writing, criticism of a particular post, or just shared experiences.

With that being said, Happy New-Year to all!!!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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