Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A stranger in a strange land

I know it's only day 2 at my job, but I feel oddly out of place, almost like a fish out of water. The staff (of two, no less) is super friendly and I have already semi bonded with my boss over karate, food, and our parent's background.

My boss, which I will from now on refer to as A-D has some issues with her cardio and was thinking of hitting up the kickboxing classes, preferring the more laid-back feel of classes to the more strenuous gym routines. I Don't blame her. I suggested she try karate or even cardio kickboxing, which is more focused on individual form rather then training to kick someone's ass.

Of course, we were talking about health and fitness while eating chocolate cake. LMAO. Some profs were returning from mat leave (well actually, pat leave. Their wives gave birth, not them) and since I knew nobody - introductions were made but people were excited over the babies, not the new kid on the block - A-D and I got to talking. First the "I need to get back into shape" talk then we briefly switched over to talking about food because both she and employee numero dos were awwwed by my lunch. It seems to simply amaze people to know men can cook too. You can hold a hammer and drive a pick-up, men can cook. 

While we were talking about food, a Hispanic prof came over and to my surprise A-D spoke fluent spanish. Not just like, "I took a course over the summer" fluent. Like fluent fluent even laughed in spanish!! WTF! So I obviously ask her where she learned spanish and - wait for it - I find out her father is a diplomat and she was born in Haiti and raised somewhere ( can't remember, will get back at you with the details ) in South America. And then I find out she does volunteer work through the University and just came back from Botswana!

With all of that being said - I told ya, the staff is cool - I still feel like a stranger in a strange land. People there are so aware and well-travelled. They went everywhere. Sometimes twice. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I am not globally conscious. But these people don't just watch Nat Geo, they live Nat Geo. lol. I feel like a kid not a colleague, and equal.

And just to rant for ranting's sake, I miss the little kitchen at the Financial Aid Office. I could keep my bowl, cup, and utensils and clean them in the sink. I miss my friends from the FAO. I miss the little lady, Hortence, who came to fill up our cleaning supplies and such. I miss the proximity to the cafeteria where I could get a cheap coffee and not be forced to buy Starbucks, however great it tastes! I miss everything I "complained" about: Sometimes not having anything to do, dealing with crazy & deranged students, dealing with crazy & deranged parents of students. lol. Because I had the support of colleagues.

It's day 2. I know in time I will be comfortable with my coworkers. I dont possibly see how we couldn't get along, they are both so nice and welcoming. But it will always remain that: coworkers. I'm just a contract that's replacing Ginette.


Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink


  1. It's always hard starting a new job and that nagging wondering "did I make the right choice?". You'll settle in, and after a while, you'll wonder what you ever found wrong with the place! Stick it out - there's a long weekend coming up!

  2. Thx Ashlie! we will know the outcome soon enough as I have already applied for other positions on campus lol :S


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