Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friday the 13th: Alternate Ending (Part 1)

Alternate Ending (Part 1)
Time for the Final Act, Bitch

Yasmina was holding on tightly to Sarah's hand, almost to the point of cutting bloodflow to the other girl's extremity. The masked man stood motionless in the doorframe as rain and lightning streaked the background. His breathing was hollow and almost calculated. Sarah got lost in his inhaling and exhaling; it seemed so precise as if he counted seconds before each breath and each release. Whoever this man was, he was the perfect description of a sociopath.

He took one step forward and it was enough to shoot both girls into a panic state of mind. They ran towards the window and Yasmina struggled to heave the glass pane open. She finally slid the window up and helped Sarah to evacuate the cabin. Jason was getting closer to them with every step and Sarah had difficulty exiting the small window. Something was wrong. She fumbled around and then fell to the ground outside. Her shirt had been caught in a nail and now it hung off the ledge, ripped and thorn while Sarah remained still on the beach, her white sportsbra glowing in the nightscape.

Yasmina looked back and saw that Jason stood still by the table and he was staring at her. She couldn't see his eyes through the darkness of the night, but the candlelights and lanterns were enough for her to see the evil that lived inside them. She turned around to jump out of the window when she spotted another masked stranger behind Sarah. Same clothes, same mask, different body proportions. This one was much smaller then the man inside the cabin. Yasmina panicked.

"SARAH BEHIND YOU!" She screamed, attempting to jump out of the window.

She struggled with the tightness of the hole and couldn't jump in time. The masked stranger had already reached Sarah.

Sarah got to her feet and brushed the sand that had accumulated between her thighs. She looked up at Yasmina who was trying to jump out of the window but she too had difficulty squeezing through the tight space.

"Come on!" Sarah whispered, trying to hurry time up if only possible. She was just about ready to run around to the door and confront the stranger that scared them. She hadn't grasped the seriousness of the issue. This man was ready to kill them if need be.

She noticed Yasmina retreating back inside the cabin and then suddenly reappearing again, this time panic smeared her facial expressions and she pointed past her, past the treeline.

"SARAH BEHIND YOU!" Yasmina screamed as she tried desperatly to jump out of the window.

Sarah spun around just in time to see a similar masked-stranger running straight towards her with a machete in hands. She barely had time to react. She jumped to the side and her attacker ran right past her, almost knocking itself out on the cabin's solid oak walls.

"What the fuck!" Sarah screamed, trying to run towards the main lodge but it proved pointless. Her ankle must have snapped when she jumped from the window. She fell in the sand and turned around to face the sky, high above her. The stars suddenly dissapeared and soon they were replaced with that of a hockey mask and a cloaked figure.

"What do you want from us?" Sarah screamed, trying to kick and scratch the hooded figure that loomed over her like Father Death.

Her attacker didn't respond; only raised the machete high in the air, above it's head, and then dug it down with full force into Sarah's chest. She gasped and folded herself in half as she desperately clutched at the gap in her stomach. Blood began to flow on either side of her mouth and Yasmina screamed in horror as she witnessed all of it through the tiny window.

Sarah was just about to vanish into the netherworld when the attacker stabbed her again, seemingly taking pleasure in finishing her off.

Her world spun around her and everything seemed to get hazy as if a fog had covered Crystal Lake. She looked up just as her attacker removed the mask and saw long blonde hair flowing gracefully around the mask. A girl.

And then Sarah's head slumped to the left and the soul that lived inside her vanished.

"SARAH!!!" Yasmina screamed, realising the unimagineable. Someone has just murdered a girl in front of her. She spun around and saw what she never thought she would see. Patrick was standing over her, the hockey mask dangling proudly in his hands. His rusted machete propped up against the table, as if he could scare her without it.

"You...what...Patrick, what the fuck is going on?"

"Welcome to my home, baby" Patrick answered as his once presumed dead sister, Jodi Voorhees walked in the cabin with a lock of Sarah's hair.

"Time for the final act, bitch." Jodi said as she walked inside the cabin, machete in hand.

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