Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fish and Rice - Easy Supper 1

Hey all!

Fried rice topped with haddock. Hot sauce to taste.

I decided I would share some of my recipes with y'all! It's not really a recipe since I don't measure anything and you can easily mix-and-match the ingredients or turn the dish into your own. It's more to show how easy a supper can be when you use ingredients you like. Often times when people want to cut some stuff out or improve their diet, they stock up on everything imagineable, even though some of the stuff is not a regular eat. So here goes, and don't hesitate to play with the ingredients and add spices that you like!

Wild rice + long grain OR Basmati rice OR any grain you want (couscous, quinoa, etc...)
Mixed veggies that you like (carrots, peas, onion, celery, corn, etc...)
1 half-stick cinnamon
Indian Masala
Cardamon Pods
Panko bread crumbs
Curry Powder
Blue Water Classic Gril Haddock Filets (or any fish filet you like)

Cooking Instructions:

Preheat ovean according to BlueWater instructions.

Prepare your water for your rice or grain, according to instructions on chosen grain, with half a stick of cinnamon and 10 cardamon pods. (I suggest you put them in a tea strainer OR tie them up. You don't want to eat these, simply want to flavour your rice)

When water is boiled, removed cinnamon stick while leaving in your cardamon pods. Put in your rice, cover and let simmer according to instructions.

Start by cooking your onions and garlic. I like to spice my dish in stages so that the flavours built up and each bite has a somewhat different taste, especially when eating stir frys, where it can get repetitive. So during the onion/garlic stage, this is where I would add my curry powder. To taste.

Ok so now you can pop the fish in so it can finish at the same time as the rest. Take your filets out early so they have time to thaw just a little. Add your Panko to one side of the fish. You can zest up your panko crumbs by adding spices to it, but the Classic Gril Haddock is already well dressed. Don't make him flamboyant!

Add the remaining veggies to your onion&garlic mixture. I prefer the macedonian mix and rarely use anything but onions, garlic, carrots, and celery as fresh veggies in a stiry fry, as I prefer to keep my fresh veggies for salads. Don't be afraid to go with the frozen veggies, as they tend to keep in the vitamins more then canned and even some fresh veggies depending on what time of year you are buying them.

To that, you can add some Indian Masala, Steak Spices, Salt & Pepper.

So it's time for the combination. Remove the cardamon pods from your rice; don't forget, they taste nasty in the mouth. It's important to keep just a bit of water from your rice to moisten up all the ingredients and combine the spices. Nothing combines better then starchy water!

starting to smell fantastic!

Once your rice is completly cooked, turn off the heat and let stand for a few minutes. Remove fish from oven and equally let it chillout on the counter a while. Food is best served after resting, whether it be meat or not. Give it time to meet the other players and let the spices mingle. Miam!

So now that the social network is over, scoop some rice on a plate, slide a fish filet over it and begin to enjoy the wonderful tastes of Indian Spices, simply seasoned fish with Panko and the comforting, crunchy taste of stir-fried rice.

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