Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Jesus Murphy: Past, Present, and Future

It came to my attention that the timeline in Jesus Murphy: Blog Story may be confusing to some, while downright labyrinthesque for others. Well my blog-reading fellows, this is a breakdown of the multiple timelines that flow in the Jesus Murphy: Blog Story universe. Title ain't cool enough to be called Jesusiverse. That's to come though, don't you all worry!

On a sidenote, I will not include story arcs that happen BEFORE or AFTER the life and death of Jesus Murphy. We can assume that if Martin Christ is playing with toys, it's cause it happened before Jesus Murphy's life; and that if Madonna Riviera has grey hair and grandchildren, well, you get the picture.

There are three main timelines in the story:

Just Before Jesus' birth ---- (Year 0)
As Jesus goes through life, there will sometimes be flashbacks (mostly for other characters) that happen before the actual narritive. Jesus has three periods in life that have marked him. Year 7 of life, Year 16, and Year 33. Depending on where we are situated in the present, when the narrative needs to go in the past, I will use the markers that are found in the brackets (7 years earlier, 16 years earlier, 33 years earlier)

Jesus' Adolescence - Early Adulthood ---- (Year 16 - Year 24)
Jesus doesn't really start growing as a person, an individual until he steps foot inside Nazareth High and forms his rockband with his friends and meets the beautiful Maggie Saint. This is the timeline we will see the most from Jesus' point of view. It's the years that marked him, formed him ,and eventually prepared him to do what he was destined to do.

Just Before Jesus' death ---- (Year 33)
I think you can kind of grasp why this year is important to him. Death and all looming around every corner.

There will be story arcs however that will NOT be marked by time periods as I find that too constructive. I don't like saying too much about time and location, let your imagination plug in those holes!! So far we had a short 3 part story arc for Madonna Riviera which was set in Year 0, and that one however I did mark "7 years earlier" just because it wasn't clear that it was a story arc (please review past chapters, Madonna Riviera is by far the most intriguing character and soon will become a...)

There is a current story arc that will run from Chapter 12 to Chapter 17 and it will concentrate on the earlier years of the Christ Family and the reasoning behind Michael and Mary's falling out.

Watch out for a contest when I return to the OG storyline in Chapter 18. I will ask y'all to create a character's name. Stay tuned for that!!

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