Friday, April 08, 2011

God Darn Pop Music!

Ok so there has been some form of Pop Princess resurfacing of late and each time another dumblette releases a track I immediately despise it. They all have the same synchronized beats in the background and they all seem to be mimicking Michael J. Fox by repeating every single word they say multiple times. Worst is when only one syllable is repeated (Po-po-po-poker face, Pa-pa-paparazzi)

With that being said, Pop Music is the Darth Vader of subtle addictives. It latches onto your brainwaves like a leech on bloody skin and doesn't let go until you are completly and utterly head over heals for the song. For example:

I hated that song when it first came out. But then I fell victim to it's genius video. Did y'all see the choreo for that vid? It's insane! And who doesn't like a short movie about whales reproducing? wasn't about whale reproduction?? *looks away*


Another crazy pop-sync song that is stuck under the nerves of my brain tissue is Britney's new song. I know, I hate myself too, but what gives: the song is actually really good. It makes you wanna jump up and burn those calories. The video is "meh" at times but I like the nods to past Brit videos. You know, before she shaved her head and started to act like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise meshed togheter. Here's a glimpse of Til The World Ends:

Smile all you want BritBrit, the lights are on but nobody's home!


Oh but move over dumblettes, and leave space for the ultimate disturbance in the force: mega-goth chich Rihanna. She went from carribean princess to RiRi- Princess of the Dark Nights. Anyone else creeped out by her avid leather wear, her studs and spikes, and worst of all, that flaming red hair? Did she not learn from Lindsay Lohan? Red hair = Trouble. But then again, it doesn't seem like anything can halt RiRi's strong career moves. Let's check out her S&M video. Song is sick, video is rad!

Apparently her video is too sultry for users. I hope this video isn't just a screen shot of her lips. Who uploads these things??


I name these three but Jesus Murphy are there ever more of them popping up or coming back for another shot at stardom. To name a few: Fefe Dobson, Avril Lavigne, Elize Estrada, Christina Aguilera, Rebecca Black (!!). When will there be a resurfacing of artists? I miss those!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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