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Epilogue of a short story

This is it my friends. The last chapter of the Friday the 13th revamp. Sarah has managed to survive the night alongside her presumed-dead boyfriend. Togheter they conquered Jason and managed to escape the macabre scene that was left at Camp Crystal Lake. Rest assured, for those who might have been dissapointed with the finale, there is an alternate-ending in the works that will be the total opposite of the original ending. That does not mean, in any way, that i was dissapointed with the current ending. If I wrote it the way it is, it's because part of me felt that it was right.

Sarah didn't need to kill Jason for her character to grow, which is stereotypical horror-movie fashion. Innocent girl becomes a killer. That's not growth, that is self-defense and anyone is capable of that! No, her growth resides in her separation from her bapcia, her detachment from maternal figures who she can depend off. She realises in that split-second hallucination in the field of carnations, that she has it in her to do whatever it is she wants, as long as she knows why she is doing it.

Yes, she goes from being sweet, and docile and then switches mid-way to be a bit more open around other people, experimental, although she still has that reservation, that judge-mental attitude. When she is on the brink of losing it, in that field, and she sees the people that have been murdered by Jason, that is truly when she realises that people have more in common then she, and anyone, can imagine.

I guess her growth is not even that apparent until the second installment, when we meet Travis, her ex. The way she interacts with him versus the way she interacts with Tyh is alarming. I am not sure though if I will post Friday the 13th Part II as it contains more gore, nudity, and vulgarity that I can shake a stick at (haven't used that expression in forever). It's just way too silly and bloody. I tried to stay true to campy horror stories. Ask anyone, I love myself a cheesy sequel (only if characters continue, if they don't it's just rubbish!)

The sequel to Friday the 13th is just redonculous. So don't expect a sequel to be added here but you never know. A part from loving cheesy sequels and alternate scenes, I love rewrites even more!! lol.

So with that being said, here is the epilogue to Friday the 13th Part I (Certain characters seem new, that's because they continue into the sequel)...

He’ll Haunt me Forever

Sarah was quickly placed in a stretcher the moment she arrived at the
emergency room. Her mother was by her side, calling her name and pleading
her to stay strong. Eva had just arrived from New-York when she received
the tragic phone call on her cell. She was livid at the state of her
daughter. Sarah had blood everywhere on her and it trickled on either side
of her waist.

The doctors were talking gibberish with the nurses.Sarah was conscious of
her surroundings but didn’t seem able to move her body in any way. She
felt her mother’s hand gently cross her own. She wanted desperately to
reassure her mother and it pained her tremendously not being able to
communicate her love. She also wanted to share the anger she felt inside;
anger towards the boy who did this to her. Jason.

“Is she going to be okay? What’s happening to her? The blood, Oh God, the
blood!” Eva was beside herself, weeping hysterically as she attempted to
speak. Her little princess was beaten and wounded. She could barely keep
calm and one of the doctors ordered her to remain in the waiting room. She
protested vehemently but finally subsided when they reassured her that
they could only do their best if they weren’t being distracted by her

She crossed Tyh as she returned to the front of the small hospital. He had
just exited the examination room. He smiled at Eva and she returned the
gesture. “Thank you… for saving my daughter” She started crying again and
Tyh walked over and hugged her. He patted her back and cried with her.

“She is a very brave and strong girl; an amazing girl.” He said, looking
at Eva in the eyes. She wiped her tears away and brushed her blonde hair
from her face. She was about to thank him again when his parents suddenly
appeared in the hallway.

“TYH!” His father screamed, running towards him. Eva looked on as the
family hugged and kissed and cried and laughed. His mother smothered him
with kisses and his father cried with relief. Eva looked back at the
operating room, the furthest one from the entrance. She placed her faith
and trust in the doctors of Crystal Lake Community Hospital. Tyh and his
parents walked over to introduce themselves and together - again - they
shared a cry.


Lancaster Smith had been quickly promoted to sheriff that very same night.
The death of Dean Jones had saddened him immensely. Seeing his body leave
in a black bag was repulsing and vile. He didn’t deserve that. He felt
wrong taking his position like this. Rachel Ackerman had been promoted to
deputy sheriff. She was assisting him tonight.

The murder scenes were horribly disgusting. Thirteen people had been
killed; mostly adolescents. Slain in ways Lancaster had never seen before.
Innocent children had been taken away in such a violent fashion.

“Why don’t you go check the main lodge” The sheriff asked, walking towards
the cabins.

“Yes, sheriff” Rachel answered making her way towards the lodge.

Lancaster walked up to the cabin in the middle, the one closest to the
other tree line. He stepped inside and lit his flashlight. An adolescent
boy was hanging from a beam and a teenage girl was slumped on the ground,
an arrow sticking out the back of her head. The sheriff sighed and closed
the door behind him as he walked out.

Deputy sheriff Ackerman was running towards him, frantic. “He’s gone,
Lancaster. The bastard isn’t there. The caller said the body was in the
lodge. It’s not there.”

Lancaster looked out at the forest and shuttered at the thought of a
serial killer on the loose.

“Call the neighbouring towns. Put out his description and his aliases.
This son of a bitch is not going to get away.”


Eva was pacing in the waiting room. The Simms had gone home about thirty
minutes ago and the place was silent. She was walking past the fern for
the hundredth time when Doctor Cohen emerged from the ER.

“IS SHE OKAY?” Eva screamed out, running towards the doctor.

He adjusted his thick black glasses and wrapped his arm around her. “Your
daughter is in good condition. We patched her up and now all she needs is
rest. You can go in and say hello when they move her to one of the rooms.”

She thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. The nurses strolled Sarah out
of the emergency room and brought her in of the rooms on the side.

Sarah was looking out the window, unable to sleep. She was thinking about
Tyh when her mother walked in the room. “My princess, you’re safe.” She
was about to reach down for a hug when Sarah protested. “It hurts too

“Oh my poor baby” she cried and sat by the bed, slipping her fingers in
between her daughter’s. “You just get some sleep”

“I can’t. All is can see is him” Sarah whispered, turning away from her
mother. She gazed out the window at the moon that could finally be seen in
the sky.

“He’ll haunt me forever”


That is it for Friday the 13th. I want your feedback. What did you like, what did you like less? What is your favourite chapter? Who did you like most, or hated most? Were you surprised by Jason=Patrick or unaffected? What should I do about the sequel? Post here or on Facebook. I appreciate all if any (you shy people!!) feedback!!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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