Thursday, September 29, 2011


This is not a long post, it's more to shine a light on a very under rated movie.

I stumbled upon this rare gem while searching Wikipedia. Of course.

It was the summer of 2008. I had just finished watching May - another great indie horror film - and wanted to look up the cast and crew. The director's (Lucky Mckee) name rang a bell but upon further inspection, none of his films did. But the poster of a redheaded schoolgirl circa 1960 with a blurry background caught my attention. Then Patricia Clarkson and Bruce Campbell's names came into focus. I had to buy that movie!

The Woods tells the story of Heather, who is dropped off at a boarding school tucked away in a thick and lavish forest. She is immediately ostricized by the other girls because of her red hair (firecrotch) and because she befriended the school's most bullied girl.

In one brilliant scene, using Leslie Gore's "You don't own me", we witness the beginning of Heather and Marcy's friendship. They stick togheter as the other girls vanish from their beds at night, only to be replaced by leaves.

Heather suspects witchcraft.

The ending is not surprising but it's not meant to be either. Unlike many horror films of our time, this one focuses on the character's devellopment, not on superficial tricks that lead to a twist ending (although those are good too when well done)

Overall, this movie pretty much kicks ass. There's a hilarious scene in which Heather mocks one of the teachers and the soundtrack fits brilliantly well with the actions on screen. Patricia Clarkson really stands out as the mysterious headmistress Mrs. Traverse.

Watch the trailer and then I dare you to not be tempted to watch it.

What movie do you think is underrated?

Candles are out,
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