Monday, September 26, 2011

The Infected: What Happened to Victoria Crow

"Mom!" Victoria screams, shaking her mother who is passed out on the couch. Several beer cans lie scattered around the sofa. The door leading to the basement is shaking violently and it seems like the lock won't hold much longer. Christian Crow is behind the rattling door, but he isn't Victoria's father anymore.

When she went down to bring him his coffee, Victoria had found her dad slumped over his train set. Blood was dripping down his mouth and the skin around his eyes was striped black.

"Dad..." the word barely came out of her mouth when Christian shot back up, a dead look in his gaze. A yellowish ooze coated his eyes and something evil and sinister looked back at Victoria. She dropped the mug and it shattered loudly in the restricted space.

Christian lunged forward, grabbing Victoria's neck. She kicked her father's genitals but he didn't react. His grip only got stronger and Victoria was beginning to feel faint. She searched blindly around her for anything until she finally grabbed onto something hard. A piece from his train set. She smacked her father across the face and his hands finally loosened. She struck again.

Air finally found Victoria's lungs. She swung the train across her father's face once more and ran up the stairs. He was just behind her, emitting low growls. Her heart was pounding inside her chest, threatening to break her ribcage at any moment.

She shot past the door, swung around, slammed the door shut and locked it.

"Mom, please! WAKE UP!" Victoria slapped her mom across the face and Sally Crow's eyes shot open. They had the same distinct ooze as her father's eyes had. All at the same time, Christian broke through the door and Sally snapped her jaw around her daughter's shoulder.

"AHHHHH!" Victoria fell back and crawled towards the fireplace. Her lungs burned and she was suddenly struck with an intense headache. Her shaking hand reached for her throbbing shoulder. Blood.

Victoria grabbed the coal pick and without hesitating struck it through her father's eye. His body twitched as she pulled the pick out and he slumped towards the floor. Her mother's jaw was snapping wildly and she moved quickly around the room, knocking over furniture as if it was light as air.

The room itself spun around Victoria, the wound on her shoulder throbbing all the way up her neck. Sally Crow leaped over the coffee table and Victoria swung the coal pick sideways, impaling her mother. She dropped the pick and let out a chill-inducing scream.

She stumbled out of the back door, shaking like a leaf. She was confused and rattled, her mind playing tricks on her. Victoria could barely stand on her two feet and she had a sudden hunger so deep that it pained her. Spinning and spinning, everything spun around her. She tripped over herself and fell through the bushes...

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