Sunday, September 25, 2011

Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies

There's a few movies coming out later this year and into 2012 that have caught my attention and I thought I'd share them with y'all. Enjoy!

10. In Time

Release Date: October 28th, 2011
Starring: Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Olivia Wylde
Directed by: Andrew Niccol
Why the Buzz?: The preview is insane. In the future, people age no older then 25 and you must buy time to stay alive, creating a rift between the poor and the rich since the latter can buy eternally. The premise is really interesting and the cast if very diverse. I mean, Johnny Galeki is in this movie.

9. 50/50

Release Date: September 30th, 2011
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard
Directed by: Jonathan Levine
Why the Buzz?: I've never seen a comedy so blatantly centered around someone living with cancer. I'm a huge fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and this isn't the only movie of his on this list. Originally titled I'm with Cancer, they switched it to 50/50, which is suppose to reference the chance of survival. Hopefully it will remain tasteful even within the humour.

8. Take Shelter

Release Date: September 30th, 2011
Starring: Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain
Directed by: Jeff Nichols
Why the Buzz?: I love apocalyptic movies that are more human (last night) rather then being about the effects (2012). Take Shelter is about a father who has weird visions and hallucinations hinting to a possible apocalypse and he sees to protecting his family but the questions is raised: do they need protection against him?

7. The Thing

Release Date: October 14th, 2011
Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton
Directed by: Matthijs Van Heijningen
Why the Buzz?: This is not a remake! It is a prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 film. It takes place a couple of days before the events of the first one and tells the tale of the scientists who originally discovered the alien species. What I love about Stephen King's novels is that minor characters in one story can become major characters in others and this is what this prequel is doing. Taking the mention of the first crew in the original movie and telling their story in the prequel. Awesomeness.

6. Bond 23

Release Date: November 9th, 2012
Starring: Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench
Directed by: Sam Mendes (?!)
Why the Buzz?: Daniel Craig really managed to own the part of James Bond and eventually changed the entire notion what a James Bond movie could and should be. Daring, gritty, and action-packed. The casting is amazing and it is rumoured to be filmed in the Middle East. Although I am surprised that Sam Mendes is directing - mainly because he usually does thought-provoking films - I'm excited to see what he will do with this project that has yet to begin pre-production. It's rumoured to be titled "The Property of a Lady" as seen in this promotional shot.

5. The Avengers

Release Date: May 4th, 2012
Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlet Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson
Directed by: Joss Whedon (!!!!!!!)
Why the Buzz?: Because Joss Whedon is directing. Because this is the first time that so many movie characters have merged into one single film. Because Scarlet Johansson will be wearing the black suit again.

4. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Release Date: December 21th, 2011
Starring: Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner, Josh Holloway, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton
Directed by: Brad Bird
Why the Buzz:'s a Mission: Impossible movie. Although not a fan of Tom Cruise, his character of Ethan Hunt is actually quite entertaining. The movies have always boasted an all-star cast and pull off some pretty amazing stunts with an actual storyline to back it up. And did y'all see the preview???

3. The Dark Knight Rises

Release Date: July 20th, 2012
Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway
Directed by: Cristopher Nolan
Why the Buzz? They are bringing back Catwoman which can be tricky since almost everyone I know still associates the role with Michelle Pfeiffer who, let's face it, will always be the best Catwoman. But besides that, this is the ending to Nolan's dark and tragic trilogy that redefined the comic book movie genre. I'm so stoked to see this!!

2. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Release Date: December 16th, 2011
Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Noomi Rapace, Stephen Fry, Rachel McAdams
Directed by: Guy Ritchie
Why the Buzz?: I did not enjoy the previous installment but am somewhat anticipating this one, mainly because of Noomi Rapace who I fell in love with after watching her performance as Lisbeth in the Millenium trilogy. Seeing her act opposite Robert Downey Jr. is reason enough to watch this sequel. I just hope Jude Law does something different. Drastically different.

1. Battleship

Release Date: May 18th, 2012
Starring: Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker
Directed by: Peter Berg
Why the Buzz?: Battleship follows along the same line as Transformers and G.I. Joe in bringing figurines to life. When I first heard about this project I was like..."riiiight, a movie about Battleship? hahaha" and then the plot came and then the casting and this summer, a trailer was released. This is deffo a summer action flick and it doesn't seem to deny it. They even casted Rihanna as a sailor. This will be awesome.

What movie are you excited to see?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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  1. I feel like for "In Time" they were just trying to come up with a way to get all hot, young actors in a movie! It looks good though, I hadn't heard of it. That "Taking Shelter" looks great too!


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