Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Warm Bodies. Cold Bodies. Dead Bodies.

I love zombies. Duhrr!

I have breaking news. I mean, its news for people who have an equally disturbing love for zombies. If the walking dead ain't your thing, then turn around and walk away. But make it quick, I feel a fever coming on...

File:Warm bodies book cover.jpg

That was a zombie joke up there! Totally dying of laughter here! Okay - so back to the serious soft tissue at hand. The super-zealous rom-novel Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion is being produced for the big screen. Now that comes to no surprise to me since everything YA is being made into PG so might as bloody well adapt the next best thing in YAfiction.

Warm Bodies is a tale of two lovers unable to find its balance. One is human. One is a zombie. Seems suuuuuuuper ridiculous but it is quite the opposite. Sure it plays on zombie stereotypes - what art form doesn't, right? - but where most mediums exploit the slapstick, Warm Bodies embraces it as if it wasn't infected at all!

There is no release date yet but I plead y'all to go out and buy/read this book because once the movie comes out you will all be like:

"Where did I hear that title before and why is everyone so excited about a zombie love story?"

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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