Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Robyn: Show me French Love - Cobrastyle

When I talk about Robyn, most people have one of two reactions: they ask me what the fuck Robyn is and what that eats during winter OR they reference her chart-topping US hit Show me Love. Neither of those reactions seem suitable to me because Robyn should be known by the world AND should be known for her recent efforts which kick Show me Love out of the park.

When Robyn dissapeared from North American radios, so did she from my mind. I never even thought twice about her. Sometimes when an artist just vanishes, i'm left wanting more or finding it a pity that they stopped making music. Yeah, didn't happen back in 1996.

Several years later A decade and several years later while watching an episode of So You Think You Can Dance, I noticed that one of the featured songs - Cobrastyle - was a musical effort taken from Robyn.

Robyn is a common name but in the music world, one can't just take the name of another and so I knew that the odd electro funk song was genuinely from the same Robyn who gave us the god-awful 90's powerhouse pop ballad Show me Love.

And so in 2008 - twelve years after I last heard her music - I was able to renew that musical relationship with the blonde girl from Sweden. With immense zeal I share with you Robyn's timeline.

 Marie-Mai, a Quebec singer who was discovered thanks to Star Académie (a very succesful francophone singing competition) translated the song into french for her upcoming fourth studio album. She has yet to give a name to the album or a release date. She covered the song and released it as Sans Cri ni Haine (Without Screaming nor Hatred). She kept the meaning of the song (tell your ex to move on but do it nicely because he/she still has feelings for you). Anyhow, here's the lyrics video - which seem to be popular nowadays.

So yeah, that sums it up quite nicely. And that SNL performance is off the charts!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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