Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Infected: Fogo Island (4)

four: another girl lost

The woman on the dock nods to the little girl and soon the latter one is running towards the boat. Connor removes a bag from the bottom of the vessel and drops it on the shaky slats that makes up the dock. He jumps out and soon after offers his rugged hand to help me out.

As soon as i'm on the dock I notice the woman leaving, walking back towards the cluster of shacks that line the beach. Behind that is a large wooden fence, if I can call it that. It ressembles the barrier that protected King Kong. The sight alone of the massive logs impress me; these people are organized.

"Hi! I'm Leila!" The little girl says when I finally find my footing. I smile and kneel down to her height.

"Hi there. My name's Charlotte. You have a lovely dress" I say and gently feel the bottom of her dress, the only part peeking from under her parka. The print is exquisite, probably expensive.

She grins and shows me her teeth. There's one missing on the right side and one that's about to fall on the left. She seems a bit old to be losing teeth. The little girl - Leila, I suppose - makes a promise of showing me around "town" later and then runs off, most likely to find the woman who was with her. I can only assume that she's her mother.

I turn to Connor, who's securing the only boat around, the only one I can see, to the dock.

"So, are you going to take me to Felix?" It comes off a bit snarky and Connor being as swift as he is, picks it up.

"When the time comes..." Connor answers, keeping his focus on the loops and knots of his intricate work.

"Excuse me - when the time comes? Look at me." Connor stops what he's doing and gets up, turns towards me. He terrifies me but I don't let it show. "I want to see Felix. You don't get to tell me when I do that. We've been through hell, he's all I have. Now where is he?"

Connor looks me over, examines me - probably to see me crack under pressure. Won't happen. I won't let anyone stand between Felix and I anymore. I can't lose him, not now, not ever.

"You want to see him that bad? Fine, I'll bring you to him. After I finish securing the only thing granting us access to the mainland."

I agree and wait for him to finish. After that, he will bring me to Felix; and once he does, Felix and I are leaving this piece of shit rock.

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