Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Musical Wishlist

So I've been very lucky this past year and got to saw musical acts I never thought I would get the chance to see; thanks in part to great friends. And this summer of music festivals and guitar solos only fed that desire to see more of my favourite artists on stage.

I mean, I got to see Joan Jett, Three Days Grace, Grimskunk (twice!), Apocalyptica, The Offspring, Jason Derulo, Obey the Brave (singer is the hottest person alive), METALLICA (!!), Motley Crue, Weezer, Billy Talent, Lana Del Rey (♥♥), Cypress Hill (that almost made me die). I also discovered new acts such as Messhugah, August Burns Red, and Veil of Maya.

And I also got to see Ice T perform with his group at Heavy Montreal, when I didn't even know he would be there. Or that he was in a metal band!? I feel like no summer can top this one though. But then again, next year is the tenth anniversary of  Montebello's Rockfest and let's just say it's hyped. Can you feel my excitement??!!

So in preparation for next year, this is a list of artists I want and WILL (feel that determination?) see perform. I won't take no for an answer. :)

  • System of a Down
    • There is no way in hell that I am going through another year without seeing these beasts perform live. I will walk through hell if I have to.

    • She's Danish, she's trippy, she's unique, she's bold. Yeah, her music pretty much rocks.

  • Diplo
    • Diplo is the sole reason why I enjoy any form of EDM/Trap music. He's a god and I'm a disciple. Feed me your music, Diplo!

  • Green Day
    • This is purely for nostalgic reasons. Green Day was a staple of my generation and I would probably die if I ever get to see them. Legit, die!

  • Placebo
    • You couldn't meet a more devoted Placebo fan even if you entered a Placebo forum on a Placebo website. I love all their songs and would love nothing more than blazing out to their music. *Dreams*

  • Lana Del Rey (outside venue)
    • Yeah, I saw the Queen of Dark this year and it was everything I was hoping for. But I was going through a rough patch with a person-who-called-me-a-friend-but-was-really-a-snake, and so her melancholic sound and depressive lyrics got me a bit down. I want to redo this but in a nature setting. I want to feel her sound through the wind

  • CottonMouth Kings
    • They brought an urban rock band to Montebello's Rockfest this year (Cypress Hill - I consider them urban rock, k?) so I'm hoping they continue that trend and invite CMK on the stage. That would be - wait for it - dope!

  • Childish Gambino
    • I had TWO opportunities to see this bad-ass lyricist beat the stage to a pulp and missed BOTH opportunities. If I am lucky enough next year, I definitely plan on being front row to rap along to Backpackers and Bonfire. And errthing else this oreo sings about.

There's so many more acts I want to see like AlunaGeorge, Kid Ink, Modest Mouse, London Grammar, Shlohmo, Marina and the Diamonds, and the list goes on! Who knows, maybe my wishes will come true!! :)

What artist has you tripping lately?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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