Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Infected: Blog Story - The Complete Second Part



To read PART ONE, click here

Charlotte Olsen
Malory Drake
Felix Holloway
Connor Mackay
Leila Crestfield
Greta Price
Malik Chatterjee

Click on the chapter to read (in reading order)

1.    Piecing the Puzzle
2.    Across the Sea
3.    Inside the Boat
4.    Another Girl Lost
5.    Point the Finger
6.    A Genuine Smile
7.    Peas and Pods
8.    We Become Three
9.    Something About Greta
10.  Prisoners of War

What Happened To Greta Price
Part 1: Q&A
Part 2: Filling the Gap
Part 3: Island-bound for Eternity

11.  Leave No Prisoners
12.  Web of Lies
13.  It's Been Awhile
14.  Campfire Confessions
15.  Digging Deeper Down
16.  Voice of the Past
17.  Killing Bastards Again
18.  Decisions Are Made
19.  Mother and Daughter
20.  Leaving Fogo Island

I have already begun fleshing out the details for part 3 and you all should be reading the first chapter of The Infected: Tokyo Kin very shortly!
Enjoy the read!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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