Friday, October 19, 2012

Local Lyrical

I love township pastry shops and, in general, supporting local businesses. There's something oddly rewarding that comes out of helping a neighbour. It's not a reward that can be touched or felt, like gold. It's not a reward that can be seen or heard, like a thank you. It's the kind of reward that warms you, like a hug.

So to all the readers and supporters of this local blog, I ask that you open your ears, stretch those limbs and enjoy the marathon of videos that are provided courtesy of Chali.

I'm kinda sorta, okay really, addicted to his music. There's also a video on Vimeo that you can listen to by clicking here. It's a really good cover/remix/sample/take on F. Ocean's Dying for your Love. Enjoy and spread the word!!

Add Chali on twitter: @Chali819
Join the movement on facebook: facebook/chalimusic

Candles are out,

Eleven's Ink

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