Monday, June 06, 2011

Jesus Murphy: The End is Coming :(

Breaking News: I am taking pointers from NBC. :S

Jesus Murphy: Blog Story will be no more very shortly. Pageviews have been declining for the blog story since early May and I haven't been able to boost them back up. I blame myself for this situation as I fucked up the narrative early on with too many flashbacks and not enough linear points. I will have a lot of Singaporians (??) angry at me, but rest assured, the main plotline will be resolved.

I'm just not sure if EVERYTHING will be resolved but I will focus the next chapters on concluding the narrative on a high note. We will not be seeing certain characters anymore as I will focus all of the remaining chapters on Jesus, Madonna, Martin, and Anna. Don't be so upset though, as the world of Jerusalem will soon be seen through the eyes of an up-and-coming warrior Agent:

Maggie Saint.

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