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Everything Geek: Serialized Drama

For some odd reason I am attracted to television shows that gets pleasure out of mind-fucking its audience for several seasons. Call me crazy!

I should warn you to buy Trojan for this massive mind-fuck. The twists and turns produced from this show would rival any cheesy daytime soap. It seems like every scene was set up to force the viewer to salivate like a moron while asking questions like: "Whoa, why is there a shoe on that branch? Where did that shoe come from? Who wore the shoe? What did that person do?" No seriously, every single screen shot got me going all paranoïd. Everything - everything - to me was a clue to solving the mystery.

You know shows have gained cult-status when they set up their own wiki sister site. Lostpedia was my bible for six whole years. After an episode of LOST aired, I was on facebook chatting with fellow Lostie, Ashlie (read her positively reviewed and amazeballs blog here!!), and my browser was open both to Lostpedia and Theories on Lost dot com. It was bad. I swear my theories to what was going on changed every week. My brain was yelling at me to stop cramming in all this useless information. And sadistically, I kinda liked it. 

 But the biggest mind-fuck of all was finishing the series while leaving multiple mysteries unsolved and "left to our imagination". When you have a vivid imagination who will only settle down once it has seen fact, an ending like that is torture. Pure torture.


The Event
♥ this show. It was sadly cancelled after one season due to low ratings, which is such a tragedy because mystery dramas like this one are rare. It had everything a die-hard theory fan would enjoy: government conspiracies, alien coverups, character connections, and storylines that only got eerier as the season progressed.

I think because there was such negative backlash when LOST wrapped up, that people didn't want to invest in a show for X amount of years only to be left hanging. I mean, the acting was flawless - especially the work of Laura Innes as Sophia, the dubious leader of the alien race that shares our planet - and the storyline was on point. It had everything a good drama needed to succeed. Unfortunately, it didn't.

There was talks of bringing the show to SyFy, a science-fiction driven network, but I have yet to hear anything more on the project. I think it's safe to say we've seen the last of Sophia Maguire and President Martinez. Sad face.

DELETED SCENE (just to show how subtle Sophia was with her threats):

So this show comes from the same creative team that worked on LOST. I was a bit skeptical at first, because of the previous statement, but also because it reminded me A LOT of The 4400, another vanishing-themed show that aired several years ago.

But I can't help myself, I am addicted to this show! I love the cinematography, especially the lighting effects they do during the flashbacks to Alcatraz circa 1963. I love the mysteriousness behind the vanishing of the inmates and guards (called the 63's), the connections between all of the characters, and the slow build up to finding out WHO is behind this weird phenomenon and WHY the characters haven't aged. It's a slow buil-up but I trust that we will be rewarded in time.

Check out the brilliant performance of Parminder Nagra as Lucy Banerjee, one of the doctors on Alcatraz who vanished and reappeared 50 years later, not having aged one day.


The River
This is another new show that just started this winter. It's from Oren Peli, the man behind the Paranormal Activity movies. I find it's a perfect combination of Anaconda, Paranormal Activity, and LOST. The tension this show creates is insane; the pacing is so quick. It's not only great because of the scares and thrills, but also because of how original the concept is for a television show.

The amazon is such a world away and so little is known about it that it somehow comes across as scary and mysterious. That alone could have been enough to make a great show, but add to that: spirit encounters, possession, psychotic cults, and whatever else they have in store for us this season - and you got yourself one hell of a scary tv show!!

It was marketed as a ghost story on the river, and yeah I guess it kinda is, but don't rely so much on the trailer - that's only episode 1.


Other notable theory-inducing, geek-friendly dramas:
  • Heroes
  • The 4400
  • The Nine

What show's intriguing storyline has you in knots?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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